Open Fundraising for TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS

If you work with TYPO3 CMS we are pretty sure you are keen on having a rock solid and fast 6.2 LTS. If we take a look at how successful TYPO3 CMS 4.5 LTS is right now one can be very sure that 6.2 will also be a success - IF we can make it happen in time.

The purpose of this initiative is to raise money so 6.2 LTS can be delivered in time. If you wonder why we need this funding, read on here.

There is no need for huge amounts of sponsoring (they are still welcome of course) if a huge amount of agencies or freelancers sponsor a bit each.

Sponsoring basically works in 3 different ways:

  • Fully sponsor a workpackage
    If you fully sponsor a workpackage you get your name tagged to it. So if someone asks around who made this beautiful feature happen, it is your time to shine.
  • Partially sponsor a workpackage
    Your name will be tagged to a package along with the other ethusiasts who were willing to sponsor the effort going into this package. This way you can show your interest in a certain feature.
  • Sponsor the effort as a whole
    If you opt for FFA (free-for-all) sponsoring you help the TYPO3 CMS project as a whole - helping to make 6.2 LTS become awesome reality.

 Apart from that you can of course sponsor multiple packages if you like.

Work Packages

FAL missing fixes / features / API (125.88%)

Fix final FAL problems and get a robust and future proof implementation.
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Workspaces test cases / DataHandler bugfixes (100%)

Provide test cases for the internal data handling systems (DataHandler/TCEMain) of TYPO3 CMS.
more Details

Importer / Exporter with relations MM/IRRE (100%)

Goal is to have T3D exports with correct IRRE / MM relations and FAL
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Overall System Performance (Backend and Frontend) (118.18%)

Security enhancements (100%)

Add protection against attack patterns that targets authenticated users in TYPO3 CMS.
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Responsive Distribution (114.24%)

Build a state-of-the-art responsive package for new users to built upon.
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sponsored manpower
sponsored "Free for all"

Current Sponsors

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